Kinesiology tapes NABI
Kinesiology tape for face skin Nabi used in esthetic cosmetology for face contour correction, wrinkle smoothing, restoration of skin elasticity, improvement of skin microcirculation.
No wonder Korean kinesio tapes are recognized as the best in the world
Korean kinesiology tape for face skin Nabi made from special organic cotton, which is especially soft and hypoallergenic. This kind of cotton is used on production of medical and cosmethics products. This type of cotton is used in the production of medical and cosmetic products.
Tape's glue is a great one. This Japanese Medical acryl glue showed a minimal number of allergic reactions during a lot of tests. It is recommended to persons with sensitive skin, kids and elderly (who have very thin and fragile skin).
The Nabi premium line includes the following types of kinesiology tape:
1. Silk Touch - «Silk» kinesiology tape, made of cotton and nylon.
2. Bio Cotton - made from 100% organic cotton of the highest quality
3. Second Skin – made of extra fine organic cotton of the highest quality, which is almost unnoticeable on skin.
No doubt, you can find here absolutely yours tape, which will suits you. Without a doubt, you will find here absolutely your tape, which is right for you.